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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 13, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> sean: bill de blasio tweeting about meatless mondays. the news will continue. there she is. laura ingraham standing by. >> i'm laura ingraham. hegr says americans will never have faith in the united states government until the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton e-mail probe is wallly investigated. i mean really investigated for obstruction of justice. former nypd commissioner, and if we believe comedy is dead in the age of trump. dolly parton taking on elizabeth warren. just moments away, counselor to the presidentnd kelly ann conway
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has a message for you not backing the president on the border issue. stay tuned for that. plus a brand new feature where you the viewer get involved. too stories that demonstrate why we need repercussions for egregious unlawful conduct. first up, lawbreaking by the privileged and underprivileged, that is the focus of tonight's angle. now, right off of the bat, i need to tell you that we didn't actually intend to lead the show with college admission scandal, the subject of last nights angle but late in the day, we decided that we had to. your response to last night's show was one of overwhelming disgust and outrage. now, the growing demands for reevaluation of the college admissions process as a whole and severe repercussions for
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wrongdoers. of course, a scandal hollywood celebs and rich, liberal elites though. it has to be linked to donald trump, right? this is one of the more pathetic attempt to couple the president with this nationwide admissions scam. >> a lot of people will point out and they have every right to do so but donald trump himself is a beneficiary of the system rigged in favor of the elite. >> president essentially got what he got with -- >> they never stop. >> laura: i saw that and of course they did. the truth is, it was the trump doj that busted this racket. the fbi paid lori loughlin an early visit taking her into custody for her role in the fraud. she and her fashion designer husband, mossimo giannulli shelled out half a million dollars in bribes to get their two daughters excepted usc as
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recruits for the rowing team. even though neither road crew. both are out on bond. 32 other high profile well-connected parents from the legal world to private equity were also charged for participating in this game. but one aspect of the story was overlooked, i think when this news broke. part of the reason we wanted to do this again tonight, an aspect that speaks to just how low they can go. according to "the new york times," the conspiracy relied on the parents getting medical documentation. that when they entitle their children to extra time on the test. and the accommodation made for students with disabilities. students who need the extra time generally take the test alone supervised only by a proctor providing the proctor to the outcome. mr. singer advised parents how to get the medical documentation
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needed to qualify. remember, rick singer is the man at the whole admissions ring and he was recorded by the fbi telling parent gordon caplan $4,000, $5,000 a psychologist he worked with would write a report saying mr. kaplan's daughter had disabilities and required special accommodations. he assured mr. kaplan that many parents do this for their children. many parents? well, apparently, he is right. and i have personally heard stories just today of parents gaming the system in similar ways, perhaps not having to pay that much money but special accommodations, remember arose after the 1990 passage of the americans with disabilities act. they were supposed to be the reserve for people with actual disabilities. but the system has been abused by parents looking for an edge for their kids. in some cases, this has happened
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on college campuses especially by students just looking for adderall prescription. sometimes they use them and sometimes they sell them. but that brings us to the question of the students themselves who took part in this fraud. prosecutors indicated that most were unwitting participants. >> it is not an accident that they were no students charged in these documents. the parents, the other defendants are clearly the prime of this fraud in it remains to be seen if we charge the students. >> laura: but maybe we should look at it this way. if a parent steals a car and then gives the card to the sun, well, the son does not get to keep the car up. because once it is discovered the car is compounded by the authorities and returned to its rightful owner. so a slot in the freshman class of let's say, yale university or the university of texas, usc is kind of like the car.
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it is the fruit of the crime. so a deserving, hardworking ethical student should be given these slots. i bet there are a lot more spots than the ones we are talking about and this fraud. coming up on the show, you don't want to miss the huge reaction to dr. drew when came on. and he will discuss the obsession with status that drives parents to commit these brazen crimes. so you don't want to miss that. and now, from fraud by wealthy u.s. citizens to violent crime by illegal immigrants. >> if i told republican senators anyway you want to come about how you feel good, but i think it is bad for a republican senator and i also think it is bad for a democrat senator to vote against voter security and to vote against the wall. if they vote that way, it is a bad thing for them long into the future. >> laura: welcome unfortunately politicians in d.c. do not seem concerned about the future of the country.
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the senate will likely vote to reject the president's emergency declaration at the border. a pathetic dereliction of duty by democrats and republicans that will, unfortunately, be aided by those who claim to be working for the president's agenda, right? to deny the president this declaration, basically contending two things: first, this is not a crisis worthy of an emergency. maybe not a crisis at all and second, we have no need to further protect american citizens for our sovereignty. well, perhaps these renegade republicans should consider a couple of gut wrenching cases tonight that just came to light. an alien who has been deported two times from the united states is now charged with rating a 12-year-old girl in alabama comz gonzalez, 29 years of age charged with first-degree raped,
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sex abuse in a resisting arrest. he's been known by authorities to use several aliases and tonight he sits in jail. little comfort, no doubt to that 12-year-old girl were her fami family. and how about this shocking case out of san jose tonight. an illegal immigrant with a criminal history has been arrested after a gruesome murder. carlos eduardo stocked and then killed bambi larson in her own neighborhood, allegedly beating and stabbing her to death. i.c.e. agents reportedly tried to deport him at least nine times before. but there is a detainer request, guess what, were not honored by l.a. and santa clara county. both sanctuary cities. >> we are not here, nor should we be here to shield admitted gangsters or violent criminals, regardless of immigration status.
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this is not about politics. this is about public safety. >> laura: you bet. and if this were happening to your family, you would consider it a crisis. and it would be an emergency. so why isn't it within our country? now, part has to do with media apparatus that shields the politicians from ever having to care about the issues. rarely, even being asked about the issues. but we do indulge story after story, sob story after sob story, about those on the other side of the border. >> have you heard though that president trump doesn't want more people coming? in heap even separated families who try to come. >> her children were threatened. >> he said because of violence. >> one of the most despicable moments in modern american history come i saw kids locked in cages sitting on floors. i will never forget it.
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>> laura: but that they could summon this kind of emotion and spend such airtime on the american victims of illegal crime. well, don't hold your breath. i doubt you will see those correspondents spinning one second on the two examples we just shared with you, tragic cat americans, that is a true dereliction of duty. and that is the angle. joining me now, tom homan i's director of fox news contributor, tom, you heard the police chief. out in san jose, the disconnect between law enforcement and the elected leaders out there, gavin newsom, kamala harris, jerry brown, nancy pelosi. they talk a good game about kids and the children and we care about the children and we care about women and me too. what about these victims? staggering dereliction of duty
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on their part. this is just, we can do these stories every night all night, but tonight we decided to do it and also because of the republicans not supporting the president, but just on these two cases alone, tom, shocking. >> tom: it is disgusting. you look at gavin newsom, it is just asking 54, the century law in the state of california that killed so many u.s. citizens and victims of raped and 24 hours, trump, executive action to execution of people imprisoned that killed people. i mean, he is completely baffled on this. sp 54 set a thousand times result in criminal to reoffend. and here is a perfect example, officers killed not too long ago with the same issue that people don't honor detainers. they use the argument that we don't want to work with ice because victims -- that case
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holds no water because we don't know who victims who witness a crime are. unless they arrest them and put them in jail -- all they care about is -- >> laura: all they care about is women and women being locked up. >> laura: tom, hold on -- what they always say is, no, we are not for the violent crime. the violent criminals. we don't think they should be in the country. those are the people they always say, those are the people we should be focusing on. we shouldn't be with the poor, indigenous and the contingent we can't focus on those. we should leave those to focus on the crime. well i'm at the trump administration focusing on these criminals and before that, the obama administration trying to get these people out couldn't get them out of the country. couldn't get these communities to hold these individuals. and in alabama, i have to tell you this the case in alabama david gonzalez a little 12-year-old girl brutally and they found him hiding in a
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closet in alabama. friends of mine in alabama so when rage when this came across their local news and any one going to cover this international news? i got bombarded with friends in alabama and they don't care. why don't people care about the little girl? they don't care about these victims but the choice stories that advance their narrative for open border. it is disgusting and the american people all political persuasions should take notice of this tonight, tom i'm getting hot and bothered about this obviously, close it out. >> tom: it is sickening, disgusting, sanctuary cities entice people from the country and you can come to the city and we will protect you. they wonder why there is a border crisis. when you talk about abolishing ice and come to the sanctuary cities and we will protect you, california free education, free medical care why did they think there is a problem on the border? >> laura: creepy. >> tom: a battery of a police officer. and he is willing to beat on a police officer what do you think you will do in the general
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public, it is disgusting. >> laura: bambi larson lived alone with her pets and he stalked her this illegal democrat as they try to get out of the country several times, nine times, he stalked her like prey. and she was found alone dead in her abode. this is what's happening. all of these people, eight oh c and the do-gooders social justice for years, there is never social justice for these victims because ice is the evil, not the killers but ice is evil. it is disgusting and americans are waking up to this, tom thank you for your perspective as always and liberal critics saying all the president cares about is the border wall. he made it clear, this is not about politics. >> this is really on border safety, border security and a bill on i would say may be more than anything else, talking about drug trafficking. >> laura: well, joining me counsel to the president kellyanne conway, kelly and, what is the white house's
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message tonight >> kellyanne: to those republican senators wht the emergency declaration and including breaks my heart michael lee of utah. >> laura: murkowski it doesn't surprise me at all but mike lee and rand paul, you are on my you know what list tonight, i'm sorry. it is appalling. >> kellyanne: and a briefing for the president today, and both times he said, take the boat you want to take. i think it is a bad vote. this is an easy decision and quite binary. for border security and for sovereignty, keeping the drugs out of the community, laura, human traffickers outcome of the human flow of people in unaccompanied minors and families for you're not. and he doesn't believe you can't divorce the two because you want to hide behind the process argument. he has focused on the substance has he has been for four straight years. the substance is simple: make
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you look at the drugs flowing in and not just the ports of entry but to take him about legal synthetic opiates coming between the ports of entry. a very important article of the fentanyl failure of all places in "the washington post," the fentanyl failure please read it. the fentanyl failure refers to the obama administration did nothing, absolutely nothing to mitigate and curb the rising synthetic opioids that now has claimed about 67,000 americans, more than vietnam, iraq and afghanistan put together. >> laura: not a crisis -- but kelly gann, what happened on capitol hill? and they will make a constitutional argument and i think the white house counsel's office was clearly right that this was an absolute delegation of congressional authority to the president, 1970s to declare an emergency. now they claim they didn't do that. well, they did it and if they
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want to they should change the law. but on this question what will happen next. the president will veto this if it gets rejected, which it looks like it will. he will veto it but then what happens at the border with the construction of the wall? what happens? >> kellyanne: well, the president will look at the options. and obviously -- >> laura: looking at options, kelly and we have been looking at the wall for two years, what options? >> kellyanne: that is not his fault now the democratic congress fails him. this president has made clear he wanted money for the wealth hunting and remember laura he signed on the bus package he said i don't like it 716 billion troops, 750 billion, all this money for the troops and we have other stuff in here funding, like the opioid crisis and other measures, but he said don't, you asked for the wall funding. sure, we will get the funding this congress but they did not do it now democrats, you know
11:18 pm
what, this president says every day he's moving on with the construction. in this new budget has $32.5 billion for border security measures. that includes border patrol agents, that includes technology, but it also includes money for the wall. the military construction funds, the drug diversion funds -- >> laura: you still don't know where you're getting that money and i get you know what the president wants but tonight do we not know where we are getting the money? you have had a lot of time to figure this out. >> kellyanne: it's in the budget and we have figured it out many times. if they want to look at the republicans who knows the president and full legal authority to declare a national emergency after he gave them months to do their job, laura, the court in the congress have to do their jobs on immigration for decades. this president is the declaration -- >> laura: i'm not trying to figure out -- i'm just trying to figure out where are you getting the money. we are spending money in other
11:19 pm
countries borders, kelly and can i get it. syria, iraq and afghanistan but bring the money form and enforce our borders, what the heck are we doing? i want to get your thoughts on this the democrats love to say that the president are the allies commit dehumanized, let's watch. trump the human eyes his name calls commit degenerates people and you have a man who has the human eyes children, taking the children from their parents. >> this is an extension of the trump brand. this dehumanization of emigrants. >> laura: kelly and what are the democrats reaction then to this? because that is silly to even think, one is human and the other is not. >> just on the facts, they outlasted everybody. and a sign of loyalty were preeminent with trump. no, i think mediocrity is and it's about trump, you really got
11:20 pm
a problem. and cockroaches survive nuclear war. >> laura: kellyanne, cockroaches we know vermin that word was used by hitler's two described. >> kellyanne: let me tell you something -- >> laura: i tell you i found that to be down. >> kellyanne: with the word dehumanization and the way people have treated those of us, but so what? i will give you a little news flash, they don't care. they've been trying to cut us down and pushed us out since we arrived. those of us who are they are for the right reasons and are surviving all of this and thriving beautifully, it doesn't matter. i know that is true about jeremy as well. the media does not like to cover anything they are doing. women's fund or what is done on criminal justice reform, peace, trade mta president had a big meeting. they don't want to cover anything but you know what i'm not sure it matters so much. i think the media matters to
11:21 pm
themselves and each other, but there is a lot of noise and nonsense out there. i think people know that they are doing much better, but you know what, i'm glad because stop the nonsense everyone. we are pro-women and here for independent thinkers. and the money for the president, she tried to appropriate ethnicity and she lied about that. we have a bunch of i like to say presidential timber about presidential woodchips. >> laura: kellyanne, great to have you want tonight and by the way a brand-new feature in the show. we want to give you involved. asking questions, printing for answers but no answers from you. so on some nights i'm going to go on social media to find out what you think. tonight i want to know this: mech do you with some g.o.p. senators the president emergency declaration should be blocked unconstitutional ground ground? go to my twitter and the tweet is up now come at the very end of the show we will show you the results. in the wake of the shocking
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>> will be making several criminal referrals and help the justice department to take this up. >> laura: win is that going to happen? when are the criminal referrals going to be made? >> bernie: the next two or three weeks. >> laura: devin nunes exclusively after the mueller report dropped republican will launch an investigation into the political bias at intel agency. this comes with news former fbi law year, lisa page told lawmakers that senior officials at the bureau wanted to charge hillary clinton connection with email abuse scandal and former nypd commissioner bernie kerik said come on, america needs answers tweeting until that happens and senior members of the fbi and doj held for criminal conduct americans will never have faith and confidence in our government. joining me now, bernie kerik himself and along with him come
11:27 pm
up course white house press secretary, and fox news contributor is, guys, important night tonight, ernie, that to eat you are tough but haven't people just moved on bernie? >> bernie: they can't move on. the american people across the country they watch this. you have director of the fbi life, give away confidential information, the deputy director full statements. lisa page was the council to the deputy director and said, there were several conversations in which the fbi wanted to charge and doj said no. call me said that never happened, really? it did happen and the attorney general today, has to investigate this, has to them has to investigate this and hold them accountable and go after hillary. the most substantial breach of security and our nations security with classified
11:28 pm
documents destruction of evidence. all of that stuff someone has to be held accountable. >> laura: 110 emails and people forget so much has happened the past year and a half, 110 emails and 52 email chains with contained classified information, dan bongino i think it is important to go back and remind the viewers what james comey james comey said infamous july 2016 press conference. it was a nonindictment indictment. let's watch. >> although we did not find clear evidence, secretary clinton or colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classification, there is evidence they were extremely careless in their handling a very sensitive highly classified information. we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. >> laura: well, gross negligence, of course, is the
11:29 pm
standard. the wording was cute and so extremely careless coming up gross negligence. , do you think bill barr is that kind of guy to come in and say, look to clean house and really reach that thing, has to put people's minds at ease or is that too political and can't do it? >> dan: listen, laura, the bar has nothing to lose. what are you going to do fire him? he's already had the job. he has had zero. and bernie is right, we should let this go. let me give you the bombshell and that speech, that was the third or fourth version of thats edited. the first version a phrase where hillary clinton emailed someone overseas from private account because she didn't have a government account. the person was barack obama. laura, why is that a problem? obama insisted televised that he didn't know without hillary's email but found out about the media. that is not possible, laura because obama had blackberry with those emails with private
11:30 pm
addresses and would have been white listed. meaning someone had to tell obama staff that hillary had a private email in order for her to get through to the firewalls. someone is lying here, and the reason they took that out of the speeches i believe, covering up for the obama. >> laura: i know you don't leave criminalization of politics calendars -- alan darrow which has had the same thing. but i think we have a problem on their hands, we have the highest levels of intelligence agencies and doj, fbi and if you can't trust people to call balls and strikes they are, what about college admission scandals? you can't trust comey two years after the press conference and i wasn't really overseeing the matter, do you remember the famous book to work? what do you have to do, the attorney general, what does he do? >> bernie: dance point, don't
11:31 pm
forget too, airbrush the words president obama out of their report and senior administration official. in another attempt to protect the former president. laura these are troubling but do they rise to criminality? what we all know, president obama, hillary clinton, this was a scandal and they did send classified information to the assistant state department and looked the other way, and they got away with it. is it criminal? the good news the justice department a year ago asked utah john humor to investigate this, the inspector general and the same inspector general, general horowitz. i have faith the mechanisms are in place now through inspected general investigation to shine a light on the hillary investigation. we have to wait for huber. what does he conclude? if he has the goods it needs to be exposed. >> laura: i feel like it is a football, waiting, waiting and i said this last night fox news
11:32 pm
viewers get frustrated because what is going to happen? >> dan: laura, one thing and posting it, is it criminal? was it criminal? i got news for you, if it wasn't criminal, there are 50 people in the federal bureau of prisons command the federal prison system right now in prison for far less. so if it wasn't criminal, you need to get those people out of prison. >> laura: they didn't have an insurance policy for them, bernie kerik, thank you for that. >> bernie: i will not be president candidate in 2020. >> laura: i guess he changed his mind. tomorrow former texas congressman will announce his bid for the democratic presidential nomination 2020. this report hours after a glowing feature in "vanity fair" titled o'rourke, i'm just born to do this. i can't make this up. contrasting o'rourke to the
11:33 pm
president stating "unlike trump, o'rourke can appear almost too innocent to be a politician, too decent, too wholesome, the very reason he became popular. all for the same reasons he can be crucified on the national stage. "i tell o'rourke perhaps he's too normal to be president. >> laura: whether he meant it or not i take that as a compliment. so, will he be able to beat out bernie sanders and joe biden? a combined total of 153 years old, dan bongino i've said this before and i will see it today to my side it then and again last night, i think it will all be about taxes. their goal is to split taxes make him vice president at the top of the ticket, your reaction? >> >> dan: what was that, air supply as the backup? >> laura: [laughter]
11:34 pm
you have one minute. >> dan: on a serious note, look the cover of "vanity fair," did you see the dog off of beto, awfully depressed to cover "vanity fair." that's all i have to say. >> laura: i have to go to him, okay, but this is something we will be covering every aspect. i'm telling you, he is the new obama. bernie, i'm telling you, beto o'rourke, mark my words, i can do dramatic reading after dramatic reading and it's actually really funny. they talk about the books on his bookshelves come with a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. do you know what contains this section for rock memoirs? so he should deftly be president of the united states. all right, guys think you so much. and next, millennia conspiracy theory and late-night legend late-night, dedead plus a big announcement that you will not want to miss, raymond aurora row next, what is seen and not sink
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♪ >> laura: time for "seen and unseen" to expose the big cultural stories of the day. and the mainstream media with millennia conspiracy theories and late-night comedy is dead musicians versus politicians. is that a softball game? fox contributor raymond arroyo best-selling author, and raymo raymond, why at the views spreading conspiracy theories about the first lady? can she take any more from these people? >> raymond: if this is unbelievable though president and first lady toured alabama with the tornadoes that took thousands of lives, stories spreading on the internet claiming this was not millennia
11:40 pm
trump on the president's side bt a body double. and the ladies of the view cleared it up this way, at that one does not look like her, sorry. we are going to go along with that but that one in that picture. >> it's a different shaped phase. i'm ashamed to say, i spent an hour on saturday involved in this. melania is a tall, statuesque woman and the one that we saw, the first one that we showed, she looks kind of short. >> a rumor like this come i think it catches on because there is an element of truth to the idea that she doesn't want to spend time with him. >> laura: let me just say to you, joy, i haven't been on the view for a long time invite me on and we will do a little comparison of photos.
11:41 pm
>> raymond: an element of truth. what is the element of truth except your own ideology where obviously by obviously bias. >> laura: you're kidding. >> raymond: the first lady spokesman came out and said this is shameless particularly they are to console victims. >> laura: they trash talk -- we will get fox nation because i want to talk about that but the other thing is, i cannot believe they promote the next segment like tomorrow on the fact that we really didn't land on the moon. >> raymond: [laughter] >> laura: it was fake. >> raymond: laura i heard joy behar employs a body double. look at that. >> laura: [laughter] >> raymond: i'm sure, i'm sure that is only an element of the truth to it. we will leave it there, dustin hoffman will get royalty. speaking of media related story, jay leno, i'm sorry, jay leno on "the today show" story -- show. and whether he missed late-night and his answer was telling. i don't miss it, you know,
11:42 pm
everything now, if these people don't like your politics, everyone has to have your politics. it's all serious. it's also nasty, and civility to come back. jimmy, colbert, everybody else, does tough and that is the only thing. >> raymond: they have made it about this, laura all about politics and the audiences fling from it. the overall audience way down when jay leno or god forbid johnny carson presiding over "the tonight show." and i think it is because not only that comedy got nasty and petty and very political -- >> laura: not funny. >> raymond: this is the cardinal sin. it is not funny. it is the very thing teach us what we have in common and laugh together, rather, it accentuates the thing that divide. >> laura: carson said years
11:43 pm
ago before he died, never thought i should spout off about politics. i'm here to make people laugh. i'm here to entertain them. shut up and make us laugh. >> raymond: make us laugh. >> laura: joy behar makes the point about this. she said this today. >> i was losing interest because too good. there was nothing to make fun of they are. >> raymond: there it is. she loved obama, but bush and trump are cornucopia. i'm sorry, there is plenty of humor to have on both sides of good comedians. >> laura: how about parenting, dating, all sorts of things about life. >> raymond: plenty. >> laura: and the socks in the dryer. >> raymond: the most popular comedian out there, kevin, seinfeld and jay leno. that battle has been improving since the reagan musicians and politicians about using songs
11:44 pm
for political rallies. the songs that become anthems for a campaign like these. ♪ god bless the usa. ♪ working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living. music note ♪ elizabeth warren for using dolly parton hit and spokesman said her manager, we did not approve the request and we do not approve requests like this have a political nature. laura, the law on this is dodgy. remember bruce springsteen went after ronald reagan. tom petty went after george bush for using their sounds. the law is the venue has the music rights to broadcast, performance rights, they can play it in the arena.
11:45 pm
but if it is broadcast from of the musician has some publicity rights because they say this looks like a false endorsement. and that is where you get into problems, but many queen, rem, dell, the stones with letters to donald trump. >> laura: what a enforcement mechanism. i don't get what you want but you get what you need. it is the anthem, come on. i mean, bush is taking care of business and we have to go to bachman turner in 1974. >> raymond: somebody did, that is the issue. >> laura: the omission scandal rocked the university and the death of meritocracy but the elite coddling of their kids. celebrity dr. drew pinsky joins celebrity dr. drew pinsky joins me next to explain where these about 50% of people with evesevere asthma k?
11:46 pm
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>> laura: we have a fox news alert tonight as we know at the top of the show, several big new developments in the college admissions cheating scam. lori loughlin was just released after posting $1 million in bail. the actress is prohibited from speaking anyone related to the case with the exception of her fashion designer, husband mossimo giannulli who is also himself facing charges along
11:50 pm
with both of her daughters who could be witnesses, by the way. also, tonight the alleged mastermind rick singler addition from his own reality show in 2010 about the pressures the families face giving their kids into college. watch this tape that tmz obtained. >> this is a game. just realize this is a game. my name is rick singer. my job is to life coach kids and families and the whole process to get into college. some schools, giving $10 million is not enough because $10 million makes no impact on their school. they want $30 million, $40 million, $50 million. joining me from the ankle come exclusive dr. drew pinsky. they write doctor to the star. >> drew: i think you for not reading that. dr. drew, what turns a helicopter obsessive parent, you and i both know them into a
11:51 pm
criminal. >> drew: you know, slow, you don't realize you are getting into it. i think you will appreciate this. the colleague of the american mind and the american child, all leads to narcissism. we have had narcissism 30, 40 years. when i worked at psychiatric hospital come all kinds of personalities and diagnostic spectrums. the mid-90s, cluster b, 100% of the time. so narcissistic, borderline and if you are a parent, your child is an extension of you and you cannot stand to see them uncomfortable. you have to see them from every discomfort, what their achievements are your achievements and you have to make sure they achieve come a freaking mess. >> laura: part of the problem kids see their kids as a status symbol too. >> drew: an extension of them. >> laura: you see janet down the street a lacrosse player got a full ride to duke. and the kid is trying to figure out, you know, right grammar
11:52 pm
structure on a piece of paper and struggling, what did i do wrong? and then they say, there's got to be a short cut away to get through this, right? >> drew: this image that tells you it is a game which it is a broken game and a game that has solutions if you just follow his advice, you can figure out the best way. one of the things i love about this story, they have chosen to use the best of sort of strategy first hand how. you talk about white privileged, old-school kinds of behaviors. they used thurston howell top to bottom here. how they could not have felt guilty about it i cannot understand. laura at the thing that has me i would imagine, psychology. >> laura: talk about this. >> drew: somebody is doing psychiatric testing on these kids and falsely measuring them to have disorder, on the test that is unconscionable. >> laura: adhd. adhd. and it's --
11:53 pm
>> drew: i'm incensed by this. we haven't heard about that. >> laura: that is an issue and there are people with real disabilities that need help. >> drew: yes, absolutely. every time they get help, people just like them, how did you get in? every time a kid needs real help with extra time on their test or whatever it might be -- >> laura: do you think we have too much anxiety? that's why i really want to talk about potbelly pigs, snakes. >> drew: peacocks. >> laura: honestly, people are abusing that. regulations to bring in a manner of animal on a plane and use them as an ottoman and the seat. >> drew: so much is going on today, hey, it's me. hey, it's me i'm special and i got my foot in the door and here it comes. >> laura: isn't it good to let your kids they'll? >> drew: let them fail. >> laura: i literally say this to my kids, i'm a 12.5-year-old,
11:54 pm
ten, eight and you don't want to do your homework, okay, good luck. you're not going to look to me to bail you out. >> drew: a book called the colleague of the american mind and it's well done, but i told my kids like you want to do drugs and alcohol? go ahead, try. >> laura: i will not bail you out of jail. >> drew: come down, it an adult, give you that alcohol because i will call the sheriff's laughing my off while i have the kids hold. >> laura: to crumble because waiting for the safety net. >> drew: we are the problem, the parents, not the kids. and if we don't let kids struggle with the misery of life, they don't develop regulation, they are not resilient and they don't do well. >> laura: the other day, mom, i'm bored. it's a beautiful day. i said, go pick up a broom. i'm bored. pick up a broom. pick the garage up. it is so great to have you on,
11:55 pm
thank you the narcissistic personality trait. staying on that. >> drew: we've had a turn. people asking why is this happening? that is why this is happening this narcissistic turn and we could go one. we talk about bill clinton. >> laura: on the radio. >> drew: a long time ago. >> laura: this makes it worse. >> drew: we will look a at this like tobacco one day, i believe. i'm holding up a screen and we will look at that as tobacco. >> laura: kids don't have phones either. effect of the dark ages, thank you so much and coming up we finally hear from you, the viewers, remember to go to "the ingraham angle" answer the tweet do you agree with the g.o.p. emergenc ..
11:56 pm
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11:59 pm
>> laura: where he asked and you answered, i want to know if you the viewers agreed with some g.o.p. senators who want to block the presi shannon: we asked you answered. do you agree with from gop senators who want to block the president's emergency
12:00 am
declaration stating constitutional grounds. was 27,000 votes in, raymond is like van a white. 91%-9% against gop senators who vote to block the president's emergency declaration on constitutional grounds, shame on you. shannon bream, take it from here. shannon: we begin with a fox news alert. the faa grounding all boeing 737 max 8 airplanes following the ethiopian airlines tragedy the administration citing new evidence, the president saving the safety of the american people is the number one priority. the college admissions bribery scam will have $1 million bond tonight as we are learning more about the intricate scheme rocking america's elites, the 2020 focus turns to beto o'rourke, he


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